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Contact: Dave @ 609.915.5452

Metal Pedals are hand crafted in New Jersey USA using the highest quality materials, custom boards, point to point component placement and 22 gauge wiring. Our original circuit designs provide natural tones and all of our pedals run on a standard 9 volt battery or can be powered with the standard 9 volt pedal adaptor... Positive outer negative center

Our pedals are designed and sound best placed in front of tube amplifiers with a great clean channel. Atom Bomb sound wonderful at the end of your pedal chain as a lead boost or driving the front of your pre-amp... also nice in your effects loop for boosting.

Click on the picture links for more details and demos...

We sell our pedals directly to customers through this site but here are a few select dealers that carry our pedals.


*Return Policy: We will repair or exchange should there be a problem with the function of a pedal... This offer only stands with a direct sale from  We can not warranty paint - finishes or miss use of a pedal. Please keep in mind our pedals are totally handmade so minor imperfections may be present.

Should you have problem with the function of a pedal you can send it to us for repair...

“Frank Stallone” I'm using the Hard Core you sent , it is an awesome piece of artillery as well as the  Bomb Shell. They are so well made I'm not even using my Klon . Thanks so much 
You guys are the best. 
Ciao Frankie
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Made In USA

Blue Crunch

I love the hardcore distortion pedal. Super reactive to my guitar and able to carve out so many tones, awesome stuff!
Steve Stevens

Lindy Fralin custom Raw Hide pedal...

Hand Crafted Guitar Pedals

Nicky Moroch

'Got it today - Killer! 'See ya' in Brooklyn. 

Bob Taylor

Al Di Meola

Larry Breedlove

Frank Stallone

Michael Angelo Batio

Earl Slick


Byron Fry

Some pedals may be out of stock at the moment but we are always building so we thank you for your patients .... Feel free to email me if you have questions...

Thank you

Elliot Easton
The Cars

Luis Fernandez

“Raw Hide is one I’m not leaving home without”

Andy Andersson
Johnny Hiland

JH-3 Johnny HiLand

John Spodaryk

Guitar virtuoso

Billy Gibbons & Johnny Hiland working out JH-3

Bob Taylor

Hanging with the Amazing George Lynch
Alter Bridge
Mark Tremonti
California Breed
Andrew Watt

Alter Bridge

Myles Kennedy

Grumble Box

ZzTop legend

Billy Gibbons ... We are honored to build pedals for this guitar hero...

Buck Cherry

Keith Nelson and Steve D.

Rock & Roll


Rick Derringer

Now using the Grumble Box on his board ...

Channel 17
Eric and Johnny...
ButtonLocks...  Save guard against the dreaded drop, this simple locking clip will help with piece of mind as your hitting the stage... ButtonLocks.html

Patent Pending




The FranksterFrankster.html

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Designed for Frank Stallone