Bomb Shell


Bomb Shell

This pedal is designed to provide light crunchy overdrive to raging high gain distortion with real amp like tone, open distortion with a natural touch sensitive feel. Bomb Shell plays nice with the volume control on your guitar and the pick attack is sweet. This pedal is great for blues to heavy hard rock. The Tone control has a dual function: From the center to the left will cut and scoop midrange, and from center to extreme right will leave mids and cut highs for a nice round midrange tone. Our Hi - knob works like a bright control to tame high-end or brighten a darker amp or pickup. The Gain control features our special noise reduction, when pulled up 3’ O clock position to full it cuts unwanted feedback or hum in high gain settings (not needed in light gain settings) This pedal is simple and wonderful to work with...  Many tone possibilities.

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